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Given the amount of dental treatments and services that are readily available in modern times, the chances to repair and restore your smile have drastically increased. Countless ailments, regardless of how much damage they have inflicted, can potentially be fixed by our team at our office. With our help, your smile’s best days may still lie ahead. With tooth restoration treatments such as dental fillings, teeth whitening systems, dental crowns, and dental veneers such as Lumineers®, your smile’s future has never looked better.

If a tooth has a cavity, a dental filling can be used to ensure the tooth will not fail. Dental fillings can not only fix cavities, but modern-day fillings such as composites can match the natural color of your teeth.

If you are seeking to enhance the natural color of your teeth, it can easily be done with teeth whitening systems. As with many dental treatments, the professional quality ones that are administered directly at the dentist office are far and away the safest and most effective forms of whitening treatment today.

Dental crowns are cosmetic restoration treatments that can act as both a protector of damaged teeth and an aesthetic upgrade of stained, discolored, or decaying teeth. They work by completely covering up problematic teeth. Similarly, dental veneers can shield the face of teeth, but they only cover the fronts of teeth and thus, do not protect them on all sides.

If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss your possible tooth restoration treatments with Dr. Sterling Whitworth and our team at Covington Dental Partners, please call 770-786-9339 to set up a visit to our dentist office in Covington, Georgia. We can get you on the path to smiles for miles!