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A hard blow to the mouth can sometimes damage your teeth and soft tissues. In a severe case, a dental fracture might can cause problems not only for the enamel, but also for the root.

If you or a loved one has just suffered a severely damaged tooth, it is a good idea to visit our office, Covington Dental Partners in Covington, Georgia.

If a significant amount of the tooth’s internal structure has been traumatized Dr. Sterling Whitworth might recommend treating the tooth with a root canal. This type of endodontic therapy is designed to remove the damaged dental pulp. Your dentist may also decide to treat the tooth with crown, which can be supported by the tooth.

A professional dental lab will create the dental crown from special materials that rival the strength of natural tooth enamel. When it’s ready Dr. Sterling Whitworth will cement the dental crown onto the abutment created from your tooth with a strong dental adhesive.

If you are in the Covington, Georgia, area and you have a tooth that has been badly compromised by damage or disease, you should call 770-786-9339 to schedule an appointment at Covington Dental Partners.