You Can Overcome Tooth Loss with a Partial Denture

About three million teeth get broken and lost every year as a result of dental trauma during an oral injury. While it is sometimes possible to restore a knocked-out tooth, many times these teeth are lost and need to be replaced with a dental restoration. We offer partial dentures for patients who have lost one… Read more »

A Loose Dental Bridge Needs Timely Attention

A dental bridge is often the preferred option for a patient needing to replace a tooth that was lost in a severe case of tooth decay, dental trauma or otherwise required extraction. The dental work is designed to replicate the presence of the original tooth while also incorporating a dental crown on each end. It… Read more »

Building a Foundation for Your Smile With Dental Erosion Prevention

­Have you ever run an assessment of your oral health to determine what vulnerabilities or susceptibilities are present that could be putting you at an increased risk of severe dental damage? Oftentimes, individuals are most at risk for cavities and dental erosion. This is because their tooth enamel is not strong enough to withstand the… Read more »

The Facts You Should Know About Dental Fillings

Our dentist, Dr. , is thrilled to offer dental fillings in , , to help you have the top-notch oral health and smile you deserve. If you’re about to restore your tooth with a dental filling, then you’re on the right track! To help you know all about dental fillings so you can feel comfortable… Read more »

A Damaged Dental Crown Needs Timely Treatment

Dental crowns are typically created in a state of the art dental lab from materials like gold, other metals and dental grade porcelain. They are generally used by dentists like Dr. Sterling Whitworth or Dr. Caralyn Leonard to treat a tooth that suffers from fractured tooth enamel or tooth decay. Some patients also have porcelain dental… Read more »

Periapical Abscess: Don’t Let it Happen to You

Cavities are bad enough, but when they become abscessed they are much, much worse. Once infectious bacteria invades the pulp at the center of a tooth, it doesn’t have to stop there. It can then spread down to the roots, making a pocket of pus at the tip. When this happens it turns into what… Read more »

The Ways a Professional Fluoride Treatment Can Benefit You

If you’re interested to know how a professional fluoride treatment can benefit you, then our dentist, Dr. , is more than happy to help you! Our dental team offers fluoride treatments during your dental checkups for a reason. This is because they can help your teeth in a myriad of ways. In fact, fluoride treatments… Read more »

Know Your Risk Factors For Bruxism

Do you know the signs of bruxism? If you have not heard of bruxism previously, you should know that it is a common and harmful oral condition in which you unconsciously grind your teeth, usually while you are asleep. Bruxism is difficult to self-diagnosis, which is why you should see a dentist if you are… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment Might Be Needed for a Severe Dental Trauma

A hard blow to the mouth can sometimes damage your teeth and soft tissues. In a severe case, a dental fracture might can cause problems not only for the enamel, but also for the root. If you or a loved one has just suffered a severely damaged tooth, it is a good idea to visit… Read more »

Care For Your Smile By Caring For Your Dentures

is pleased to provide custom-made dentures to help our patients enjoy full, healthy smiles. Though the appliances themselves can’t develop cavities or infections, they require proper denture care in order to serve you well and keep your smile beautiful. We offer the following tips for denture care to help you maintain your new appliance: –… Read more »