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As with many other forms of cancer, early detection is essential in ensuring the best possible chance of recovery. Thus, it is essential to have your oral cancer screenings as soon, or even before you notice signs of anything peculiar in your head, neck or face. Here are some things you should know about oral cancer:

A frequent sign of oral cancer is unexplained weight loss. If you have discovered an unusual amount of weight loss with no real change to your diet or lifestyle, seek out an oral cancer screening at our office when you can. Other common symptoms include continual sore throats, wounds in the face, head, and neck area that fail to heal after 2 months, numbness or loss of pain in your mouth, problems speaking, chewing, and swallowing, and random earaches. Furthermore, check to make sure you are not experiencing any signs of rashes or swelling in your mouth, as well as bumps, sores, lesions, lumps, and patches. Also examine your inner mouth for unusual discolorations in your gum tissue, including speckled patches.

Whichever oral health care services you feel would best suit your needs, Dr. Sterling Whitworth and our team here at Covington Dental Partners in our dentist office in Covington, Georgia are committed to providing you the service you require. We can be reached at 770-786-9339. We look forward to bringing your smile back to its fullest.