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Do you ever wonder why you should schedule appointments with our team regularly? While there are a number of reasons, would you be surprised to hear that we can clean your teeth more efficiently than you can at home. Similarly, you probably know that our team will search for signs of trouble—but had you heard that we may be able to recognize symptoms of oral cancer?

As you may have guessed, identifying oral cancer early is important because treatments will be more effective if the problem is identified early. Naturally, you may also be able to recognize some of these symptoms on your own. For example, did you know that swollen gums, unexplained bleeding, or a persistent sore could all be signs of oral cancer?

Sadly, there a few things that can leave you more vulnerable to oral cancer. For instance, did you know that men are actually twice as likely to have oral cancer as women are? Still, there are a few things you can avoid doing—such as drinking and smoking—if you’re interested in reducing your chances of having this serious disease.

To learn more about dealing with oral cancer in Covington, Georgia, we invite you to give Covington Dental Partners a call at 770-786-9339. Our dentist, Dr. Sterling Whitworth, and our team will be happy to inspect your smile for signs of problems and to help you address any issues we find. We look forward to receiving your call!