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Do you know the signs of bruxism? If you have not heard of bruxism previously, you should know that it is a common and harmful oral condition in which you unconsciously grind your teeth, usually while you are asleep. Bruxism is difficult to self-diagnosis, which is why you should see a dentist if you are experiencing signs of bruxism.
If you worry you may be at risk for bruxism, you can find a list of common bruxism risk factors below:

– There are some oral health disorders, sleep apnea included, that can increase your risk of bruxism.
– If the muscles along your jaw or face frequently feel sore, this may be a result of bruxism and you should check with a dentist.
– Though jaw muscle issues and facial pain disorders are no guarantee that you will develop bruxism, they can certainly increase your risk.
– If you notice that you have dull or flat teeth, your jaw frequently locks up, or you have heightened tooth sensitivity or jaw muscle soreness, we encourage you to come see Dr. Sterling Whitworth for a diagnosis.
– Bruxism can also cause your gum tissue to appear bruised and chewed up and feel sore.

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