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Thanks to modern advances in dentistry, older adults may be able to retain and keep their teeth through all of their elder years. As you age, it is important to buy the right products and maintain the correct habits to preserve your teeth.

Knowing Your Products

Clinics and companies keep up with the changing market by constantly outputting more efficient products that keep your mouth clean and protected longer. It is important to use the progressions in dental technology to purchase products that will help your teeth as they age.

Deciding what products to use depends on what your teeth need. Many variables affect the toothpaste that you should apply to maintain your oral health. Specific toothpastes are designed to treat cavities, gingivitis, tartar, stained teeth, sensitivity conditions, and other issues.

There are also floss and toothbrushes engineered for certain oral conditions like sensitive gums or cavities. Soft-bristled brushes are great for removing plaque and small debris while stiffer bristles can more thoroughly clean stubborn stains and grime off of the tooth.

Some elderly adults have issues with flossing because of gum sensitivity in response to aging. To help, we might suggest using a water flosser. Water flossers utilize pressurized water streams to clean the teeth in the same way floss does. The ADA recommends water flossers from Waterpik.

Knowing what you need can be easy if you just consult our dentist, Dr. Sterling Whitworth. To discover the best products for your teeth, schedule an appointment with Covington Dental Partners by calling 770-786-9339.

Creating Healthy Habits

There are many habits you can establish to keep your teeth strong and more permanent including:

Avoiding tobacco
Increasing oral hydration – Drink water and ask Dr. [doctor-name] if there is a moisturizing medication you can use.
Using antibacterial mouthwash
Visiting Covington Dental Partners twice a year

It may be within your power to keep your teeth healthy and strong as you get older. Call our practice at 770-786-9339 if you have any other questions or concerns.