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Do you have any missing teeth? If so, are you planning on replacing them anytime soon? Due to the problems that may arise from missing teeth, it’s important to have them replaced as soon as possible. If you are looking for a removable treatment, dentures may be your best choice. For a permanent hold that can last a lifetime, dental implants can be used. However, if your bone structure is not strong enough to support dental implants, a more practical treatment would be dental bridges.

Dental bridges are designed to fit into your gaps left by missing teeth with a style and shape that perfectly mimics your natural curves of your smile. Not only can bridges be designed with comfort in mind, they can also be shaded to blend in.

If you have missing teeth, the jawbone can drastically weaken and loosen the gums in your mouth. Loose gums, in turn, do not have the strength to hold teeth tightly, thus causing many teeth to begin to move around. Avoiding tooth slippage is extremely important if you want to keep your smile healthy and happy. Dental bridges can move into the spaces left behind and keep your other nearby teeth from moving around your mouth.

If you need a dental replacement service, our team at Covington Dental Partners can help fill out your facial structure with dental bridges. Dr. Sterling Whitworth and our team can give you a comprehensive oral examination to determine which tooth restoration procedure is best for you and your oral health care needs. To schedule a visit to our dentist office in Covington, Georgia, call us at 770-786-9339. Come see us, and let us show you the benefits of dental bridges today!