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A dental bridge is often the preferred option for a patient needing to replace a tooth that was lost in a severe case of tooth decay, dental trauma or otherwise required extraction. The dental work is designed to replicate the presence of the original tooth while also incorporating a dental crown on each end. It is secured to the healthy core of the two teeth adjacent to the void with a strong dental adhesive.

After it has been cemented into place your dental bridge will restore the essential function of the missing tooth for many long years to come. Yet it is still possible for something like an accidental blow to the mouth to weaken the integrity of the cement causing your dental bridge to feel loose or even fall out.

If you have a compromised dental bridge, you should not delay in having it examined by a doctor like Dr. Sterling Whitworth or Dr. Caralyn Leonard. After assessing the severity of the problem they will present you with an effective treatment plan.

In a case where one of the abutments has been traumatized our doctor might need to perform a root canal treatment to restore sufficient structure for securing a new dental bridge in your mouth.

If you live in the Covington, Georgia, area and you have a loose or otherwise compromised dental bridge, you should call 770-786-9339 to have it examined and treated at Covington Dental Partners.