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Dental crowns are typically created in a state of the art dental lab from materials like gold, other metals and dental grade porcelain. They are generally used by dentists like Dr. Sterling Whitworth or Dr. Caralyn Leonard to treat a tooth that suffers from fractured tooth enamel or tooth decay. Some patients also have porcelain dental crowns to address cosmetic imperfections with one or more of their teeth.

These materials have a structural integrity that rivals natural tooth enamel. However, there are a few instances where a significant oral trauma, or other accident, has resulted in a chip or fractured dental crown. Should you find yourself in a situation like this, you need to make an appointment at Covington Dental Partners. Without professional attention, the compromised dental crown could lead to even more significant complications. While you’re waiting for your appointment, you shouldn’t attempt to brush or clean the damaged dental crown. If you have any unwanted material in your mouth you can gently rinse it away with a small amount of lukewarm saltwater. Any other cleaning should be left to the professional tools and techniques at our dentist’s disposal.  

If you are in the Covington, Georgia, area and you’ve suffered a chipped or fractured dental crown, you should call 770-786-9339 to seek professional treatment at Covington Dental Partners.